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Reviewing the Past to Predict the Future

As we prepare to close our fifth year, it is gratifying to see that virtually everything we predicted has come to pass. In 2010 when we told folks that the cabinet, finishing, and countertop industries would begin to merge with each other , they looked at us like we had two heads! Today, this is a reality that no one can deny. In that same year w...

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  • Apr01Steve Waltman Now Blogging for

    Stoughton, Wisconsin – April 1, 2016: NueMedia, LLC is very pleased to announce Stephan W. Waltman has become NueMedia’s newest outside contributor. Mr. Waltman has been with Stiles Machinery, Inc....

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  • Mar30NueMedia Launches Mobile Apps

    Stoughton, Wisconsin – March 4, 2016: To address the increased demand for information access on the go, NueMedia, LLC has launched three mobile Apps for its digital information portals, ( DIPs ) in ...

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  • Jun09NueMedia Upgrades Mobile Information Access

    Stoughton, Wisconsin – June 10, 2015: In response to increasing demand for faster and more thorough information on mobile devices, NueMedia, LLC has upgraded tens of thousands of pages in its digit...

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The Next Step in B2B Information Profileration


The Next Step in B2B Information Profileration

Today, the web influences the way we sell products and serve customers. For the first time in history, customers and prospects can research the products and services they intend to purchase without ever contacting the suppliers who manufacture and/or distribute them. While your website may do a great job highlighting the benefits of your products and services, it is a fact that buyers want a single, neutral source where they can find all the options available to them. This requisite gave birth to NueMedia, LLC.

Do you know that 70% of all significant market share shifts result from a firm’s ability to adapt to major technological innovations? When it comes to your company’s marketing efforts, information-based technologies are replacing physical products. Welcome to the evolution from marketplace to Marketspace. Are you ready?

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